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It takes a community to change lives and build strong communicators. Early Foundations, LLC is dedicated to the future success of children in Central and Southern Wisconsin. We lay the groundwork for academic achievement by offering specialized training and seminars for those working with early language learners and dual language learners, and we provide specialty speech and language evaluations and referrals to school districts, contracting organizations and private clients.

Founder Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes has over 12 years clinical experience as a bilingual licensed speech language pathologist. She has special expertise in the areas of early childhood development (ages 0-5), and working with dual language learners and diverse populations.

about / qualifications

Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes, founder and licensed speech language pathologist, is fluent in English and Spanish. Her specialized training includes a background in early childhood speech and language development, as well as expertise in the multicultural and multilingual aspects of speech language pathology.

Julie is a highly skilled clinician with over 12 years of experience providing speech and language assessments and therapy in early childhood, home, school, and hospital environments.

Having completed the WIDA Early Years Master Cadre program, Julie is qualified to offer instruction in leading concepts in academic language development for children who are developing more than one language.

At Arizona State University, Julie obtained a Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders and completed the Graduate Clinical Training Program in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology. She has lived in Spain and traveled for extended periods throughout Mexico and Latin America. She is married and has a son and a daughter.

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training & seminars

WIDA-Trained Expertise

A trusted resource, Early Foundations conducts professional training and interactive seminars on best practices for dual language learning and development, education, assessment, and intervention. Audiences include speech language pathologists, therapists, school-age educators, early childhood educators, daycare providers, Birth to 3 specialists, and others throughout Wisconsin.

Founder and presenter, Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes, completed the WIDA Master Cadre Program through the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. The WIDA consortium advances academic language development and academic achievement for children and youth who are culturally and linguistically diverse through high quality standards, assessments, research, and professional learning for educators.

Please contact us to learn more about seminar offerings or to schedule your training event.

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specialty evaluations & referrals

Experienced Assessments, Trusted Referrals

Early Foundations offers speech and language evaluations to individuals, school districts, and contracting organizations. Whether you are seeking an initial assessment, recommendations, a second opinion, a review of IFSP or IEP, or a referral for ongoing therapy, Early Foundations can help. With more than 12 years of clinical experience, every evaluation is conducted with expertise, caring and professionalism.

Please note: Early Foundations does not offer ongoing therapy services at this time; however, we are pleased to provide referrals.

To request an evaluation, please contact us today.

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why choose us?

I am a School Psychologist in two small town elementary buildings, and I have been involved with Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes on two individual assessments of bilingual students. In both cases, the children were young (one was a Kindergartner and the other was in first grade) who were struggling to make progress in their respective grades.

Julie was able to help us sort out many language issues by giving us both English-based and Spanish-based assessment data. Any assessment for Special Education services relies upon multiple sources and opinions and, in these cases, Julie was able to give us a more complete picture of the child’s current skills and developmental capabilities. She also provided the parents with a clear and concise understanding of the assessment and the programming recommendations during the parent meeting. I would highly recommend Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes as a team member in any assessment where Spanish/English language issues play a part in a school development concern.

John Haupt
School Psychologist, Sauk Prairie School District

Julie’s presentation on Dual Language Learners development and school readiness skills was very well received by the Birth to 3 staff.  She shared her extensive knowledge and experiences with staff in a natural, confident manner.  Julie challenged staff with questions and provided an opportunity to process the information in an interactive group activity.

Brenda Vicen
Director/Speech-Language Pathologist, Bridges for Families Birth to Three

Julie has assisted my school district with 6 evaluations of bilingual students. She was professional, reliable, and thorough throughout the evaluation process. Julie not only provided comprehensive evaluation reports, she attended evaluation meetings whenever needed and made suggestions for intervention and goal writing.  She comes highly recommended in my eyes.

Julie Powers
Speech Language Pathologist, Clinton Community School District

sobre nosotros

Early Foundations, LLC ofrece servicios a clientes en el área de Madison, el condado de Dane, y en el centro o sur de Wisconsin. Early Foundations proporciona evaluaciones del habla y el lenguaje, opiniones segundas, comentarios sobre el plan de servicios (IFSP, IEP), recomendaciones, y referencias. Además, ofrecemos cursos y entrenamiento sobre el desarrollo de dos lenguajes de niños bilingües a profesionales de distritos escolares, guardarías, y organizaciones. La fundadora de Early Foundations, Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes, es fluente en inglés y español, y tiene más de 12 años de experiencia como una patóloga bilingüe del habla y el lenguaje.

Por favor se nota: En este momento, no ofrecemos servicios continuos de terapia; sin embargo, nos complace ofrecer referencias para la terapia en otros lugares.

Para solicitar más información, por favor póngase en contacto con Julie al (608) 347-7794 o por medio de correo electrónico a la dirección: julie@earlyfoundationstherapy.com

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Julie Kleinheinz Byrnes, MS, CCC-SLP
(608) 347-7794

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We serve Madison and Madison area communities, Dane County, and Central and Southern Wisconsin.

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